Where your creativity is cultivated, not crushed.

Lighthouse Art School in Lowell, MA is a place for children, teens and adults to learn how to express themselves with multiple mediums of visual art, gain a greater appreciation for art, all while having fun!

Individualized Instruction

We keep our class sizes small on purpose, so that your child gets quality instruction. Each class is limited to 10 students. The instructor serves as a gentle guide and gives constructive feedback appropriate for each child’s development. With over 20 years experience, she knows how to shape a child’s talent for art.

Variety of Art Disciplines

We offer a wide variety of art projects. Students will expand their creativity through: painting, drawing, recycle art, mosaics, sculpture, folk art, and much more. This is not just a typical arts & crafts time. If you child has a natural talent for art, he or she will get an opportunity to refine it with variety of mediums.

Studio Environment

Our school is a private in-home studio that is bright, airy, and conducive for creativity. Students have their own work space around a large table where the instructor can come and give them each personalized instruction. They can freely create art without worrying about staining the carpet or be inhibited by “making a mess”.