“Hey!!! I am so glad that I found you on facebook. I was just thinking about you the other day and I am so thankful I had you for a teacher! I learned so much from those art classes!!! Thank You and God Bless!!”

Tranese, former student writing from university

“I like getting to do what I want and being creative. Mrs. B compliments me, but gives me constructive criticism.”

Callie, 11 year old student

“We have lots of choices and the class is small. There’s a sense of community here, and we help each other.”

Hannah, 12 year old student

“I searched for a long time to find an art class for my 9 year old daughter. The minute we saw The Lighthouse Art School we both knew it was the right place. There is such a wide variety of art projects to do. My daughter looks forward to every Friday. Mrs. Blomerus is one of the sweetest people we have ever met. She is a great teacher.”

Parent – Tara Patterson

“I find your ability to encourage the students to independently express his or her own creativity so amazing. Almost every day, I can see more and more how Brielle is stimulated by art and because of the time she spends at Lighthouse Art School, she has since created her very own studio here at home! Every Tuesday night, she goes to bed with a smile on her face after saying “I have art class tomorrow!”

Parent – Kathy Vassil

“Our son has a very vivid and active imagination, taking class at the Lighthouse Art School gives him an outlet to express this in his own artistic way. We feel he has gained some confidence and patience through his experience here as well. He always looks forward to class and enjoys his time there. We could not be happier with our experience or the results.”

Parent – Christina Mehan

“He cherishes coming here – she’s excellent with the kids. They love her and she loves them.”

Parent – Maria De Sousa

“…… Engelie Blomerus created this welcoming studio space for young artists, a place full of creative ideas, ample supplies and gentle encouragement.”

Nancye Tuttle – The Lowell Sun

“I picked her as the person who most inspires me for a project at school. She lets my imagination flow and showed me my true talent.”

Kyle, 9 year old student